Motivating employees remotely

about the project

Quiteoften is a B2B SaaS startup building an online workspace to help managers of remote people save up to half of the time they spend on coordination and admin work. This app uses natural language processing, machine learning, automation, and proven methods from the science of motivation, achievement, and teamwork to organize, automate and eliminate a lot of the extra work that managers have to effectively lead remote workers.


my role on the project

I was responsible for creating and organizing all the design styles and components for redesigning the current platform, creating the hi-fi screens with responsive components and creating prototypes for sign-in and meeting journeys. Also, I selected and added the best illustration set to communicate the company's mission and values.


the design system

Based on the current style and branding, new color variations, font sizes and different components were created to compose the new interfaces. Every component was projected considering its application on small or big screens, ensuring a great experience for the users, regardless the device he is using.



The set of illustrations by Abstrakt was chosen, with minor modifications to follow the brand's colors, considering which images best communicate the company's mission and values.


the sign-in journey

The sign-in journey was redesigned with the new styles, components and illustrations, resulting in high-fidelity prototypes for mobile and desktop screens.


the meeting journey

Also, the journey for the meeting functionality was created for mobile and desktop screens. The prototypes were tested with users to ensure that the navigation and functionalities were clear and easy to use.


other functionalities

The meeting area allows the user to follow a task list based on Artificial Intelligence, take important notes or activate transcription during the call with their teammates.


the results

All deliveries were done during March 2021, resulting on the redesign of many sections of the current company website and on the main screens of the product. By this way, converting more users to the platform.


many thanks to

The entire Quiteoften team that entrusted me with this work and for the excellent relationship and sharing of information throughout the process. It was a pleasure participating in such an important and promising project that is positively impacting managers and remote workers around the world.

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